Farewell Party is name of a program which is conducted to appreciate the English Mover (EM) dedication during handling the English Program. Some of them have handled the English Program for one year or two years. All of them are 9th grade. In this program, the English Special Program (ESP) as the supervisor of EM gives the certificate to all EM in 9th grade. It clarifies that EM in 9th grade have ability in English. After this program they must be focus to face national Examination. That’s way, they have to finish handling the English Program and their duty will be changed by the new EM.

 Inauguration is the program which is purposeful to legalize new EM position. Before being inaugurated, the new EM has to be selected then they get training and they have to practice to teach their friends well. After being inaugurated, the new EM will continue the old EM program. They have to teach their friends especially about English vocabularies and give speech once a week, join English Course and they have to speak English with their friends, etc.

In this occasion, Dwiki Rikus Darmawan as the Chief of EM 2014-2015 gives a message to the new EM. “Don’t give up. Our God will not give us a trial over our ability. Just do what you can do and believe”. He said.

In this year, the theme of inauguration is “We can when we believe”. Everybody knows if conviction can defeat a doubt. Allah will see our effort, sometimes Allah follows what His creature think. Therefore it’s expected for new EM can be better than preview, so English program at SMP Ar-Rohmah will be more interesting, more success and can be example for other school.